The social media landscape is very dynamic. New trends and updates in features and tools are introduced on platforms every now and then. But thankfully, there is also no dearth of social media tools that will help you stay on top of your game.

However, you are not the only brand trying to onboard new customers and grow your business. All social media channels are brimming with competition for more customers and you need to step up your campaigns to fulfill this goal. Moreover, this year, influencer marketing and user-generated content will be huge in the social media industry.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, these are all household terms today and users are actively using and exploring these platforms. These free platforms provide you with the opportunity to share your brands and convert users and visitors into customers. Here’s a list of some helpful social media tools that will help you keep your social media game strong.


This is a tool used to measure social reach and comes with a number of features such as brand monitoring, content insights, and competitor research. BuzzSumo’s feature of powerful content insights lets you identify the content that your audience relates with and optimizes your content marketing strategy to drive engagement.
This tool includes topics content overview, analysis of your content across various social media platforms, snapshots of most shared domains by the social network. It also allows you to analyze the content length, headlines, and publishing dates and use their reports can gain important insights to enhance online reputation management campaigns.
This tool also makes research easier. You know where you stand when you have intelligence on your competitor. This comes in the form of ‘most shared content of competitor’, ‘content amplifiers’ details’, ‘competitor content performance reports’ and ‘competitor comparison reports’.

Buffer Reply

Buffer is a social media tool to drive a campaign involving different social media platforms. One of the tools that Buffer offers for driving traction is Buffer Reply. It comes with features that make it convenient for you to manage conversations across social media inboxes through one platform. With customer service management going mainstream on social media, this tool offers just the features to help you do that.

With Buffer Reply you can get full overviews of conversations with customers and can also use this tool to engage with your audience through this platform. This reputation management tool also offers a tool called Analyze. It helps you track your performance through meaningful stats and facts on your social media marketing and get insights on which content performs best.


Hootsuite provides an automated scheduling tool to maintain your social media presence and has many benefits, as well as drawbacks. This exciting product is a multifaceted social media tool to drive a campaign and promote business. It covers almost all the major social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. It has been on the market for a while, and links that go through Hootsuite don’t have link authority because they go through their website.

Unbox Social

Unbox social is used for Social media analytics, reporting, Influencer tracking, performance analysis. This offers an in-depth analysis that other tools don’t provide. Unbox Social is a social media analytical tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of your handles on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Using this tool is pretty easy and you can track various metrics to measure your performance. Apart from that, the metrics are also bifurcated on the basis of audience, stories, and posts.

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Understanding the Need to Protect Your Personal Reputation Online


Today’s world is one that is dominated by the internet and social media. Whether you are a businessman or a professional, there has never been a more crucial time for you to actively manage your reputation online. Your reputation is a critical asset. Cultivating a positive one means being able to engender trust and credibility to the people that you interact with on a regular basis, to your customers, to your audiences, and to the community in general.

However, it is easy to get your reputation damaged too. Many times, people have been involved in a crisis which resulted in their online reputation being badly damaged. If this happens, you will need to act as soon as possible to ensure that the damage is addressed. The last thing you want is to wait for things to escalate to such a point where it is beyond repair especially in this day and age where data and information have a tendency to remain online forever.

Managing your online reputation7.jpgA good way to ensure that you are able to protect yourself and reputation on the web is through an effective online reputations strategy. Most businesses and personalities today employ the help of these companies to make sure that they maintain a good image on the web. What you get is a provider that will manage and monitor your presence online.

Consumers calling the shots


The presence of the internet has immensely changed and overhauled how things used to work especially when it comes to business and personal reputation. Users now call the shots since how they, the public view you or your business can make or break you. This is also the reason why you need to take proactive action to make sure that your reviews and reputation on the web are managed right.

Importance of positive online reviews and write-ups


Potential customers use the internet to find out more about people, companies, brands, products, and services before they make any decision. This is why there is all the more need for you to protect yourself against negative content from a range of sources. Having the power to chose what you want people to see and what you don’t want people to see when they search for you is important.

People do not want to do business with your or work for you if you have less than stellar reputation. Old news stories from the past or websites publishing your personal information can harm you immensely by misrepresenting you. Negative information about you will only cause potential customers and clients to trust you less or worse, lose their trust in you.


You wouldn’t want to wait for all these negative press and reviews against you to build up to such a point where it is going to be too hard to fix. You will find that it is so much cheaper to cultivate, manage, and maintain a good online reputation than repairing a damaged one.

It is important to understand that while getting negative reviews and write-ups is certainly not ideal, it is something that is quite inevitable. The key is to have a reliable online reputation management strategy.

Watch our video below to learn more.

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Online Reputation for Companies

pure reputation 2

Pure Reputation provide the tools and solutions that you need to take control of your online reputation and efficiently manage your company name and brand on search results. We remove negative content from the internet, protect your brand name and digital identity and improve your online presence with trusted our top of the line solutions.

Online Reputation Management simply means you make a good impression on your friends, customers, employers, colleagues or anyone who searches for you online. Pure Reputation makes your company’s bad reviews, forums, images, blogs or websites disappear. We will also create a professionally written and optimized profile on highly visible business and social media sites to dominate the top pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

If there are negative reviews on a site like Yelp that are causing damage to your company or brand online, then your choice is quite simple; you need Pure Reputation. Pure Reputation have developed a targeted approach to remove the negative content in the shortest possible time. The negative reviews are removed by the website itself and so it is an official and permanent removal. The pages remain and only the negative reviews are removed.

Yahoo Answers and Yelp Reviews are extremely powerful and have high page ranks. We can also delete Yahoo Answer questions with nothing to pay upfront and no contract to sign. All we need is an email agreement and we can make a start on removing the negative content about you. We then invoice you once the job is done and you are happy with the result.

We take a collaborative and client-led approach to your company’s Online Reputation Management, with a diverse team of experts at your disposal. Our reputation management packages can be tailored for businesses of any size. We will provide a comprehensive monthly report with an executive summary and month on month performance metrics so you can track progress of our online reputation management campaign and validate the effectiveness of our reputation management services and strategy.

Pure Reputation agency has a simple aim; to offer individuals and businesses with only the best online reputation management services that produce the desired results. Call one of our consultants at Pure Reputation on 02071834227, and we will manage your entire campaign. Pure Reputation ensure you have experienced reputation management experts working to improve your Google Suggest results. For the latest news and views you can use in the world of online reputation management services visit our official website here. Learn more about our corporate reputation management services here.

Online Reputation Management for Company Owners



Online reputation management is important for directors of companies, sole traders and businessmen because people look you up to see your track record. Your online presence, as well as your company’s, determines whether you get the deal or not.

Many people wait until there is something negative or unwanted personal content about them appearing on Google because they consider doing any kind of positive content promotion, and then try doing it themselves. However, they find it time consuming and rarely achieve the desired results. Social media may seem straight forward but if you do not have an experienced agency doing it with you, you will miss essential steps to success, like having an underlying strategy and optimising them pages and posts on them.

A tell-tail sign of needing positive content promotion is seeing companies house or Duedil pages appearing for your name. These kinds of pages should be on page 3. Page 1 pages should be the ones you want people to see, and be supported by page 2 assets.

Find out more about our approach to positive content promotion, what is a positive asset network and how we keep our clients in the loop and with all their login details at all times on the Pure Reputation online reputation management website today. Find out more about Pure Reputation on LinkedIn and connect with Pure Reputation on Crunchbase.

Pure Reputation Interviewed on LBC Radio

Online Reputation Management agency Pure Reputation has been interviewed on radio about the reputation of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Director of Pure Reputation, Simon Leigh was invited to be interviewed live on air with Andrew Castle. He was asked a number of questions abonline-reputation-management-reputation-e1399499113531out Corbyn and whether it was time for crisis management for him and his party.

When asked what he can do to improve his image, he replied ‘Do more good things, and publicise them, do not attract controversy for the sake of it, it’s not true to say all news is good news’.

Online Reputation Management is the fight against trolls and cyber bullying, malicious attacks by competitors and false reviews from people who have never used your business.

You can listen to the full interview on the Pure Reputation Soundcloud page, or watch it on YouTube here:

If you are in need of online reputation management then visit the Pure Reputation website, or search online for Pure Reputation. They are experts at deleting bad reviews, promoting positive reviews and content, and helping you take back control of your name online. Follow Pure Reputation on Twitter for their latest news and industry updates.

Controlling Your Online Reputation

Pure Reputation are an online reputation management company based in London. We have years of experience working with individuals and companies around the world to improve their online reputations. We can also establish your name or the name of your product so people can find you easily. If you want to be forgotten, we can help with that too.

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Pure Reputation agency specialise in removing negative third party content safely and with the approval of Google and the website itself. We work on your behalf so you can get on with what’s important, running your business. If you want to be found on Google Maps or want to control your Google Reviews, we can help. Depending on your individual needs, content can either be de-indexed or deleted. We can also displace existing news stories with new ones, to refresh your online presence. If you are releasing a book or app, then we can make sure people see it when they search online. We can also monitor your name, so if anything negative does come up, you are the first to know.

office reputation

Google Suggest repair is also a service we offer, removing negative suggestions like ‘scam’ which send visitors off to search pages where there is bad press about you. This is an ongoing process, although some suggestions can be removed more quickly for a one-off fee. Talk to us about what needs to be done today. Visit the Pure Reputation agency website and fill out our contact form. You can also chat with us on our website.

For our proposals and information, visit Pure Reputation on Slideshare. Follow Pure Reputation on Instagram and read the Pure Reputation reviews blog for more.





Improve Your Google Suggest Results

Negative Google Suggestion Repair with Pure Reputation

Pure Reputation specialise in removing negative Google Suggest results. We carry this out for both individuals and companies around the world by our in house team. All work is done confidentially and using the latest tried and tested methods. Our approach to solving the Google Suggest problem works. We can also show you how to use Google Suggest control to your advantage for increasing sales.

Even if someone is not checking up on your company and page 1 of Google is completely clear for your name online, before they have even completed typing in their search they may find a negative suggestion pop up. This leads them to another results page, one containing negative content. Finding this may lead to a cancellation, even if they have already bought from you.

Google Suggest repair ensures that you:

  • do not lose business from negative suggestions
  • increase your sales by having a clean reputation
  • keep the sales you already made from being cancelled

If you work for a company that has an online marketing budget set aside for SEO, PPC or Social Media then you take your online sales seriously. Working with a specialist Google Suggest agency like Pure Reputation will maximise your return from other channels and improve your online reputation. We ensure the user journey is smooth from when customers first hear of you to when they are writing their own positive reviews of your company!

Pure Reputation use the latest Google safe methods to remove unwanted suggestions appearing in Google Autosuggest results. We use real local people to search what you want, allowing us to craft the Google results in our favour and take advantage of Google algorithms, instead of fight against them! Find out more by contacting the Google Suggest repair team at Pure Reputation today.

Watch this video from Pure Reputation London ageny to find out more about our approach to online reputation management

The Pure Reputation Blog: Dealing with Negative Reviews

Dealing with Negative Reviews

There are few people who have not encountered some form of slander, or trolling on the internet. It’s possible to look down the comments section of almost any YouTube video and find an arguement; it seems that this has become the new form of social engagement for many. If you are fortunate enough to be able to moderate a string of comments on your own online assets, then this isn’t a real problem as much as it is simply a pain. If comments regarding you personally, or your business, appear elsewhere, you really do have a problem on your hands.

The most important thing is not to add fuel to fire. As tempting as it may be to try and stand up for yourself, you are merely exacting another reply, likely repetitive, and filling the page with more content thereby making it more likely to show up in search engines. To put it simply, let’s take this example.

  1. Villain writes 300 words of negative content about your business.
  2. You reply with 300 in defense of your brand.
  3. Another villain, and the original villain, both add another 300 each debunking your response.
  4. Stages 2 and 3 often repeat, increasing on-page content exponentially.

pure reputation

Now, that quickly became a total of 2400 words of predominantly damaging content that search engines will be actively indexing, full of your name or your company. This creates an association that can lead to it showing up above your controlled pages, social media, etc. If you don’t reply, this figure stays at 300, perhaps someone else adds something, but it doesn’t spiral exponentially into a jousting match. If the page starts showing up, an agency such as Pure Reputation needs to push it down the search results by creating multiple times as much positive, controlled content. Make sense? No matter how infuriating it is to see, be responsible and don’t make things worse for yourself. Removing bad reviews is not easy, but it is possible in some instances.

What about Yahoo Answers and Yelp Reviews?

If you are unfortunate enough to have a negative thread on either of the above, we can help. Yahoo Answers and Yelp Reviews are extremely powerful and have high page ranks. This basically means that they are very likely to start showing up on page one of your search. If you search for your company and a negative Yahoo or Yelp is on pages one or two you may want to read about how to delete a question on Yahoo Answers and get in touch with someone who can help. Thank you for reading our blog and also visit the Pure Reputation website.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Making sure that when people search for your or your business online, they see positive content. This means you make a good impression on your friends, customers, employers, colleagues – anyone who searches for you online. If you have bad reviews, forums, images, blogs or websites about you, a good online reputation management company like Pure Reputation can make them disappear. They also manage your social media pages and blogs ensuring that everything is handled by a professional.

How Important is your Online Reputation?

Online Reputation is essential for any business. While SEO is about getting traffic from generic keywords, ORM is about protecting your brand term. Online Reputation Management affects your business online, your employees perception of your business and even your share price. For a celebrity or business person a good reputation can make or break their career. If you are going for an interview Pure Reputation can provide a reputation sweep, ensuring nothing negative comes up about you when it matters most.

I’m ethical and have a good reputation, should I be concerned?

Offering a good service or product does not necessarily mean that negative content won’t be created out of malice either by disgruntled employees or competitors. Spending the manpower to constantly survey all social media pages and published content for anything potentially damaging simply isn’t an option for most businesses without specialised staff in this field and so SMEs in particular outsource this role to third parties. Online reputation management companies are essentially a niche of PR that are primarily concerned with submerging damaging content in the depths of the Internet and can cost less than you may think.

What makes Pure Reputation different?

Pure Reputation utilise the latest SEO methods whilst acting as a radar for potentially damaging threads, posts, websites, reviews, and more. This two-pronged method ensures that anyone searching for you will see exactly what you want them to see within a matter of months. What we can’t push down, we will delete.